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Warren and Associates Inc.'s workforce consists of journeymen, foremen, carpenters,
laborers, finishers, heavy and light equipment operators, welders, crane operators
and  project estimators, all equipment withyears of expertise and quality workmanship.
Installation and Repairs
  • Stamp Concrete: per specifications/random patterns

  • Integrated color-concrete systems: per specifications

  • Acid-Etch Concrete systems

  • Structured Concrete Repair

  • E-Poxy Concrete Repair

General Concrete Contractors, Residential, Commercial and Municipalities
  • Coring and Saw-cutting

  • Demolition (Strategic TAKE-DOWN and REPAIR)

  • Directional Booring

  • Signing

  • Coring and Saw-cutting

  • Demolition (Strategic TAKE-DOWN and REPAIR)

  • Directional Booring

  • Signing

Rebar Installation
Form-setting, Cast-a-Place Architectural Concrete
  • Safety

  • Procurement Construction Supplies and Materials

  • Site Improvement and Land Management 


The name Warren and Associates, Inc. is well known within the Central Virgina concrete supplier base; those that know Warren and Associates will tell you that their performance, excellence, speed, appearance and professionalism is cutting edge and top of the line.  As a proactive company that puts safety first, Warren and Associates, Inc. under-stands what it means to pay for quality and genuinely cares about meeting customer deadlines and budget constraints.

Warren and Associates, Inc. is known for exceeding its' customers expectations.  We document and routinely communicate both project status to our customer decision-makers and any problems and/or work-around solutions resolved and dealt with within business guidelines.  Our customers are not just impressed by our ability to work within the assigned management structure from start to finish of a project, but also by our ability to 'stay-with-it' to assure project objectives and goals are met.



"...Express appreciation for

a job well done, despite great opposition..."

..."I have found that both the quality of work...  performed and quality of service to be excellent..."

...they strive for excellence in their workmanship, leadership...

...prompt and timely, very durable

in his work...

Georgelas Group 

 Dallas TX

Omni Construction

Bethesda MD

SKS Construction

Fredericksburg, VA

Rosemont Contractors

Arlington, VA





Warren and Associates is proud of its past and present relationships with both customers and vendors. 

Here is a list of some of our customers and projects completed for each.


United Masonry                                     

McDevitt & Street, Inc.                             

Hensel Phelps                                      

Centex Homes                                           

Cole Construction Company              

Ennstone, Inc.                                 

Fredericksburg Machine Shop            

Rappahannock Roofing Co.              

Silver Companies, Inc.                      

Wack Company                               

Metro Steel                                             

Colonial Mechanical                                

Equipment, Inc.                                        

Bill Robinson                                               

DLR, Inc.                                                  

White Enterprises                                        

Georgelas Group, Inc.                         

Parkway Construction                               

Venture, Inc.                                         

Austin Industries                                          

Henry C. Beck Construction                         

Varel Manufacturing                                       

Blount Brothers Construction                     

Omni Construction, Inc.                             

Grunley Walsh                                          

Encon, Inc.                                           




Alexandria, VA              

Arlington, Va                 

Chantilly, VA               

Fairfax, Va                   

Fredericksburg, VA       

Fredrericksburg, VA       

Fredericksburg, VA        

Fredericksburg, VA       

Fredericksburg, VA       

Fredericksburg, VA        

Manassas, VA               

Richmond, VA               

Richmond, Va                

Stafford, VA                   

Stafford, VA                  

Stafford, VA                   

Tyson Corner, VA           

North Carolina                

Greensboro, NC             

Dallas, TX                     

Dallas, TX                     

Dallax, TX                     

Fort Worth, TX               

Bethesda, MD                

Rockville, MD                

New Orleans, LA  



High Rise Construction Office/Shopping Plaza

Pentagon City Mall

Repair of the N.G.I.C. Facility

Upscale Multi-family Residential Development

New Kent Waste Water Treatment Plant

Batch Plant, Graval Pits, Mechanical Pads

Structural Repair

Constructed satellite office state-wide

Enterprise/Redevelopment Commercial Pads

Enterprise/Hub Zone Commercial Pads

Structural Repair

Commercial Remolding and Demolition

Enterprise/Hub Zone Commercial Pads

Asphalt Preparation Plant Construction

Enterprise/Hub Zone Commercial Pads

Constructed private luxury homes

Commercial High-Rise Office/Retail Parks(s)

Chuckie Cheese Restaurant Pads (East Coast)

Restaurant Foundation (decorative colors)

High-Rise Construction-Specialized

High-Rise Construction-Specialized

Satellite Pads for diamond drill bit plans

Construction of Miller Pumping Station

Upscale Multi-Family Residential

Smithsonian Remodeling Project(s)

Post tensioning, Commercial Industrial Oil

  Field Tank Fans



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